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Before I joined your site 3 years ago, I was a member of a few other high-profile dating websites, but I couldn’t find anyone I connected with on a deeper, spiritual level. On our first date (lunch in New York City), besides the obvious, mutual attraction, we could instantly relate to our common upbringing and shared family values and things that mattered more to us than superficial qualities like a type of wardrobe or hair (or, in my case, the lack thereof).You matched me with Camille in August of 2008, and we were married in August of 2011.

We were married June 18 2011 and have never been happier.I had given up on love long before that (sporting 5 years without a date).After long trials of loneliness, I resolved to set a message on your website calling out to the girl I didn’t believe could exist; and there on your website, she was listening.We look forward to our future and starting a family. Maureen About ten years ago in 2003, I joined Catholic On June 17, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of that first e-mail message on Catholic Singles that changed our lives and filled them with unimagined blessings.On June 17, 2003, I sent a greeting to a new member named Photogal. Thank you, Catholic Singles, for making it possible.

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